November 25th – Holiday  Meeting

It’s the 21st century and changes are happening, a group of young teens – all men – are working to fight violence against women.

On Wednesday evening, November 25th, at the Zonta Club of Ottawa’s Holiday Meeting, the group ManUp! received a grant of $1,000 to help promote their initiate.

Presentation check given that night.

Presentation check given that night.

“What started as a ripple of change,” explained Travis Wing, “is starting to turn into a major wave. We are attracting the attention of kids and schools across the city.  This week we are looking at talking with about 3,900 students!  Many of these kids have already contacted us and are dying to start making a difference; the kids know that we need to see change; and the kids are dying to be agents of that change… it is so amazing and so encouraging to see the power of children and to see them open up their hearts to our cause.”


November is #Shine the Light on Violence Against Women Month – be sure to follow along and participate in various activities!