2022 Award Winners

Zonta Club of Ottawa, Canada Members, thank you for joining us for our 21st Annual Awards Celebration and 2nd Virtual Awards Evening

Congratulations to all our 2022 Zonta Club of Ottawa, Canada (ZCO CA) Award Winners!

‘ZCO CA’ Jean M. Coon (Humanitarian) Award

Committee Chair: Valerie Hume & Members: Shirley Mack, Lauren Nagel.

Jean M. Coon (Humanitarian) Award: Given to a high school student who demonstrates exceptional humanitarian community service.

#1.  ‘ZCO CA’ Jean M. Coon  <> 1st Winner:  Debbie Zhao

#2.  ‘ZCO CA’ Jean M. Coon  <> 2nd Winner: Elise MacCaull

‘ZCO CA’ Young Women in Public Affairs Award

Committee Chair: Valerie Hume; & Members: Shirley Mack, Lauren Nagel.

Young Women in Public Affairs Award: Since 1990, the club has given an award to recognize pre-university and pre-college female students who are committed to leadership in public policy, government and/or volunteer organizations.

‘ZCO CA’ YWPA winner: no winner this year

‘ZCO CA’ Mature University Students Bursary Award (U-Ottawa & Carleton-U)

Committee Chair: Valerie Knowles; & Members: Annegret Uhthoff, Sylvie Begin, Denise Esdon.

Mature University Students Award (U-Ottawa & Carleton University):

Typically two bursaries are given to students who have had to interrupt their studies for formal education for medical, financial or other reasons, and are returning to complete their programs, this year we have one winner.

 ‘ZCO CA’ Mature University Student Winner from U-Ottawa:   Shauna Malcolm

‘ZCO CA’ Jane M. Klausman (Women in Business) Award

Committee Chair: Renuka Gamage & Members:  Cindy O’Neil and Kirsten North

Jane M. Klausman (Women in Business) Award: This Scholarship is awarded annually to a woman pursuing an undergraduate or master’s degree in business management at a university in the National Capital Region (NCR).

‘ZCO CA’ Jane M. Klausman Award winner:  no winner this year

‘ZCO CA’  New Immigrant Woman (Education) Award

Committee Chair: Prem Grainger & Members: Christina Hasley, Joanne Williams and Sandra Konji

New Immigrant Woman (Education) Award: The award is given to a newcomer who is a resident of Ottawa/Gatineau, is a single mother and is raising a family while working on her own education at any level, this year we have three winners.

#1. ‘ZCO CA’ New Immigrant Education Award winner:  Nancy Marie Tshota

#2. ‘ZCO CA’ New Immigrant Education Award winner:  Zahra Jafari

#3.  ‘ZCO CA’ New Immigrant Education Award winner: Vivian Ejiogu

‘ZCO CA’  Theatre Arts ‘Drama’ Bursary Award

Committee Chair: Cindy O’Neil; & Members: Paula Zoubek, Val Knowles & Prem Grainger

Theatre Arts Bursary Award: Scholarships are awarded annually to women in the NCR who are currently enrolled in a post- secondary theatre program. These awards enable talented and qualified young women to achieve their professional goals, this year we have 2 winners.

#1. ‘ZCO CA’  Theatre Arts ‘Drams’ Award winner: Amélie Trottier

#2. ‘ZCO CA’  Theatre Arts ‘Drama’ Award winner: Valery Drapeau

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