UN Calendar 2023

International Days and Weeks 2023

These are the international days and weeks currently observed by the United Nations.

The United Nations designates specific days, weeks, years and decades as occasions to mark particular events or topics in order to promote, through awareness and action, the objectives of the Organization. Usually, it is one or more Member States that propose these observances and the General Assembly establishes them with a resolution.

On occasion, these celebrations are declared by the specialized agencies of the United Nations, such as UNESCO, UNICEF, FAO, etc., when they concern issues that fall within the scope of their competencies. Some of them may be later adopted by the General Assembly.

Find out more about why we mark international days.

List of International Days and Weeks


World Blood Donor Day (WHA Resolution 58.13)

14 Jun

International Day of Women in Diplomacy (A/RES/76/269)

24 Jun




International Day of Police Cooperation (A/RES/77/241)

07 Sep

International Day for Interventional Cardiology (A/RES/76/302)

16 Sep


World Post Day (UPU/1969/Res.C.11)

09 Oct


World Day for the Prevention of and Healing from Child Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Violence (A/RES/77/8)

18 Nov


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