Past Award Nights & Winners

Congratulations to all our Zonta Club of Ottawa, Canada

2021 Awards Winners!

Ivy Le, ‘Young Women in Public Affairs Award’

Tasneem Alnahhas, ‘Jean M Coon (Humanitarian) Award’

Linda Cho &  Julie Cho,  Joseline Seumen Nkouatchah‘Mature University Student Bursary Award’

Josée Lachance‘Jane M. Klausman (Women in Business) Award’

Gloria Rwobahirya, and Pegah Younesi‘New Immigrant Woman (Education) Award’

Caity Smyck, and Ashley Barnes‘Theatre Arts (Drama) Award’

 Zonta Club of Ottawa, Canada 

2020 Award Winners


Mature University Student Bursary

Presented to

Angel Larkman, (U-Ottawa)

2020 Doherty & Associates Ltd. 

Mature University Student Bursary

Presented to

Jenny King-Balraj (Carleton U)

2020 Jane M. Klausman  Women in Business Scholarship

Presented to

Erika Schwab (Carleton U)

2019 Awards Celebration


2019 Zonta Club of Ottawa Awards & Winners

Young Women in Public Affairs

Since 1990, the club has given an award that recognizes pre-university and pre-college female students who are committed to leadership in public policy, government and/or volunteer organizations.

Winner: Sydney Keyamo

Jean M. Coon Award

Given to a high school student who demonstrates exceptional humanitarian community service.

Winner: Anjana Balachandran

Mature Student Bursary

Two bursaries are given to students who have had to interrupt their studies or formal education for medical, financial or other reasons, & are returning to complete their program(s).

Winners: Alaina Woolfrey (U of Ottawa), and

Alexandra Hurst (Carleton University)

New Immigrant Award

The award is given to a newcomer who is a resident of Ottawa/Gatineau, is a single mother and is raising a family while working on her own education at any level.

Winners:   Anisa Rahim Ali  and  Rachana Champaneri

Rachana Champaneri Winner:  2019 New Immigrant Education Award           (LR Christina, Prem, Rachana,Joanne, Chiedza)



Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship

This Scholarship is awarded annually to a woman pursuing an undergraduate or master’s degree in business management at a university in the National Capital Region, and Kingston, On.

Winner: Ha Nhu My Nguyen

Ms. My Nhu Ha Nguyen 

Winner: Jane M Klausman 2019 Zonta Club of Ottawa and Zonta District 2 Level

Total list of 2019 JMK award recipients at all levels:
2019 JMK Recipients

Theatre Arts Award

Scholarships are awarded annually to women in the National Capital Region who are currently enrolled in a post- secondary theatre program. These awards enable talented & qualified young women to achieve their professional goals.

Winners: Ashley Barnes, Alexis Scott and Leah Morris


2018 Awards Night Celebration

(LR President Val Hume, Treasurer Cindy O’Neil;  Guest Speaker Alanna Wall)

Presentation to outgoing President Val Hume by ZCO Members


Elizabeth Farmer  (University Ottawa) Mature University Student Bursary Award
Linda Steele  (Carleton University)   Mature University Student Bursary Award
Bronwyn Clifton   Young Women in Public Affairs Award
Adeola Egbeyemi    Jean M Coon (Humanitarian) Award
Vanessa Mutoni    #1 New Immigrant Woman (Education) Award
Oyin Popoola        #2 New Immigrant Woman (Education) Award   

Award Sponsor:    Merivale Vision Care

Lydia Taljic                   #1  Theatre Arts (Drama) Award
Sophia Swettenham    #2  Theatre Arts (Drama) Award
Leah Morris                  #3  Theatre Arts (Drama) Award


2017 Awards Night

Prem Grainger                                        Sylvie Begin                                      Val Hume


Elahe Foroozani – Winner:  2017 New Immigrant Award



Zonta District 2 Governor Marjorie Lavin & Carmelia Dubic (Jane Klausman Women in Business)  ZCO Winner  


Carmelia Dubic 2016 Jane M Klausman winner Zonta Club of Ottawa, Zonta District 2 Level and  Zonta International Level

2016 Awards Celebration


Prem Grainger, (L) Presenting Allison  Montiminy (C) with the 2016 Jean M. Coon Humanitarian Award, with Yvonne Quinton (R), District 2, Area 4 Director, Zonta International by her side.


2015 Awards Celebration


Special Guest Speaker, Dr. Joana Rocha, Assistant Professor with the Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Carleton U.  




Zonta President, Prem Grainger is presented the 2015 Zontian Award by Pat Dunne (R) and Susan Smith (L)


Zonta Club of Ottawa Education Award winner



L to R: Sylvie Begin, presenter, Niki Dule, Carleton U Award Winner & Prem Grainger




2014 Awards Celebration

2013 Awards Night


 2013 Jane M Klausman Winner: Mimi Lam

Zonta Club of Ottawa and Zonta District 2 and Zonta International

2012 Awards Night


Sandra Murugi Konji   

YWPA Winner:   Zonta Club of Ottawa and Zonta District 2

2011 Awards Night

Awards Celebrations:   

2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013


Alanna Wall (Carleton University Ottawa) winner of Zonta International Amelia Earhart Scholarship, presented at Zonta District 2 Conference Oct. 29, 2005

Canada leads the world in figuring out how wind behaves using model helicopters | Ottawa Citizen

Engineers (L-R) Alanna Wall, Sean McTavish, and Richard Lee with the models of a helicopter and ship in the NRC wind tunnel where they are conducting research for DND. PHOTO BY ERROL MCGIHON /Postmedia

2005 Award Winner

Koby Rogers Hall:      2005 Zonta Club of Ottawa ‘Emerging Artist Award’

She has received awards and grants from York University, Tisch School of the Arts (NYU), the Rosa Parks Fellowship for Non-violent studies, the Zonta Club of Ottawa Emerging Artist Award, the Canadian Millenium Scholarship Awards, Engrenage Rouage Noir, and the Canada Council for the Arts. She will be pursuing her PhD in Humanities at Concordia with a focus on migrant justice in social arts practices.

Koby Rogers Hall

1998 Winner

Chantal Gervais    Winner: 1998 Zonta Club of Ottawa, Visual Arts Winner

1998 & 2014 Karsh Winner

Link to CV:

1997 Winner

Michelle Provost         Winner: 1997 Zonta Club of Ottawa, Visual Arts Winner

1995 Winners

Margo MacDonald       Winner:   1995 Zonta Club of Ottawa ‘Theatre Arts Bursary’

Heather Jopling           Winner:   1995 Zonta Club of Ottawa ‘Theatre Arts Bursary’

*Margo & Heather went on to found ‘Company of Fools’

1992 Winner

Laurie Steven       Winner:   1992 Zonta Club of Ottawa ‘Theatre Arts Bursary’

*Laurie went on to establish the innovative Odyssey Theatre*

1991 Winner

Sandra Oh     Winner:  1991 Zonta Club of Ottawa ‘Theatre Arts Bursary’

*first year acting student at National Theatre School Montreal*

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