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Zonta Distict 2

61st District Conference    October 2023



ZONTA: Empowering Women Through Service & Advocacy

Zonta International is a leading global organization of professionals empowering women worldwide through service and advocacy. Zonta International envisions a world in which women’s rights are recognized as human rights and every woman is able to achieve her full potential. In such a world, women have access to all resources and are represented in decision making positions on equal basis with men. In such a world, no woman lives in fear of violence.



Zonta International District 2   

100 Year History

Video Clip:      https://youtu.be/biqdrhhP7sA

The History of Zonta District 2


The Confederation of Zonta Clubs was founded on November 8, 1919, in Buffalo, NY, and was comprised of nine clubs. Five of the nine clubs would become part of District 2. The Zonta Clubs of Elmira, Syracuse, and Utica remain to this day inspired “charter” clubs, continuing to serve their local and global communities.

The Confederation’s first convention was held in Syracuse, NY in May of 1921.

Zonta Clubs began forming in many parts of District 2:

  • Rome joined Zonta in 1922.
  • Glens Falls, Oneida, Auburn & Watkins Glen/Montour Falls were not far behind joining in 1924-25.
  • Schenectady followed in 1927.
  • Montreal joined us in 1928 making us a truly international district now reaching into Quebec, Canada.
  • Albany joined in 1929.
  • Ottawa joined us in 1930 moving our District into a second providence in Canada.

The name “Confederation of Zonta Clubs” changed to “Zonta International” in 1930.

There was a lull in club growth until after World War II, when Ogdensburg joined us in 1945.

In the 1950’s we grew by two more clubs: Oswego (‘55) and Herkimer (’57).

The 70’s brought us two more clubs: Cortland (‘72) and Mid-Hudson Valley (’76), known as the Newburgh club until recently.

Montgomery-Fulton Counties joined in 1983, followed by Columbia/Greene Counties in 1984 and Canton Area Club in 1986.

During the 90’s, student clubs also began to form: Zonta Z Clubs (High School) Golden Z Clubs (College.)

No more clubs were added to District 2 until 2016, when the Zonta Club of Skaneateles was chartered. With the addition of the Zonta Club of The Adirondacks in July of 2017, there are approximately 500 total members in the 20 clubs of the district.

District 2 holds an annual ½ day fall seminar and spring workshop for all district club members to network and build skills. Each biennium, all district club members are encouraged to attend a weekend district conference in October of the years without an International Convention. A representative of Zonta International attends the district conference as well.





Liz Tesiero | Governor 

Amy Quinn | Lt. Governor

Margaret Hurlburt | Treasurer

Debbie Vecchio | Secretary

Lorraine Abess | Area 1 Director

Barbara Allen | Area 2 Director

Kathleen Barnard | Area 3 Director

CJ Blake | Area 4 Director (includes Zonta Clubs in:  Canton, Montreal, Ogdensburg, Ottawa)


Members of Zonta Club of Ottawa, attended the Zonta District 2 Fall Seminar in Oswego, NY on the weekend of October 20th. What a surprise and as we proudly received from Past International Governor (PIG) Marjorie Lavin the…Zonta District 2 Governors ‘ZI HONOR AWARD’ Team event – 2018 Fall Seminar

Zonta International District 2 Honor Award:
This award was initiated and developed by Past Governor, Margaret Mitchell, 2008-2010, to be presented to a club for an event that displays a sense of teamwork in working together to promote Zonta’s Mission. Sample projects could be an Amelia Earhart event, a fundraiser, chartering of a Z club, a Service project, opening a new club or hosting a seminar, workshop or conference.

Our club was recognized for the following…
#1. New Cornerstone Shelter for Homeless Women Fundraiser:
We raised $6500 to sponsor a room at the new shelter, for a homeless woman. Also that we are continuing to raise money and the hands on work we will continue to do once the women move in.
#2. ManUP Project: (group of male students from LDHSS)
Fundraising for a program that we believe in and that we have financially sponsored since 2015. Male high school students teaching other male students to respect girls/women, no harassing, no bulling, no violence etc…

I’m so very proud of everyone, with all that has happened since 2016 we still did amazing service and advocacy in our Ottawa community and to be recognized for this TEAMWORK is an incredible feeling!


Cindy O’Neil, President  (2018-2020)              


Zonta District 2

The Zonta Club of Ottawa is located geographically in District 2, and Area 4. Clubs in District 2 are located as far south as the Mid-Hudson Valley and as far west as Syracuse, N.Y. Area 4 includes clubs in Canton and Ogdensburg, N.Y. and Montreal, Quebec. In October 2017, our Club attended with Val Hume, Lynda Pearson and Krystal Valencia were our reps.

Krystal Valencia attended the District 2 2017 Fall Conference. She was asked and accepted to lead the group in singing “Oh Canada” as part of the opening ceremony. Pictured with Krystal is Marjorie Lavin, District 2 Governor.

Zonta District 2

District 2 – Upper New York State; Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa, Ontario

The Zonta Club of Ottawa is located geographically in District II, and Area 4.  Clubs in District II are located as far south as the Mid-Hudson Valley and as far west as Syracuse, N.Y.  Area 4 includes clubs in Canton and Ogdensburg, N.Y. and Montreal, Quebec.

The 1985 Zonta District II conference was held in Ottawa at the Westin Hotel and received some of the highest ratings for organization and hospitality.

Three current club members have attained the office of District II Governor:  Valerie Hume, Lynda Pearson and Margaret Mitchell.  The time and effort they invested in Zonta during their two-year terms was outstanding.

Be sure to check the Zonta District 2 Facebook page for all Zonta photos.  Many show projects from other Zonta Clubs.

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